More About Me

Professional Path

Hey there! I’m Allen. My journey into web design and development kicked off back in 2005. Picture this: a high school student among local musicians, all of us trying to make our mark. That’s where I found my knack for building websites, and I’ve been hooked since.

Fast-forward a bit, I honed my skills during a four-year stint at a digital agency, an experience that was nothing short of amazing. It broadened my horizon beyond just design and coding — I learned the ropes of the digital business, understanding what makes an audience click, quite literally!

Then, life took an exciting turn, and I found myself drawn to counseling, leading me back to school. But don’t worry, I never hung up my web design hat. I’m about creating impactful yet affordable websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses because a quality online presence shouldn’t break the bank. Through all this, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of how to build a website and a narrative that sells and resonates.

More About Me

Personal Bits

Shifting gears a bit, I’m more than my workstation. Home is in Minneapolis, MN, where I live with my incredible wife Meg and our two shih tzus, Olive and Linus — the real bosses of the household! Life away from the screen is about embracing the local scene, spending quality time with family, and, let’s not forget, the occasional culinary adventure (with mixed results!).

I’ve found my rhythm by balancing between coding lines and life’s delightful chaos. Whether piecing together a digital story for a client or savoring the everyday moments at home, it’s all about passion and curiosity.

If you want to collaborate or chat about potential opportunities, please send me a message!